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Encouraging And Building Leaders

Build homes. Create change. Lead like it matters.
When you transform how you lead, you transform who you lead.

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Lead like it matters…

There is no downside to your growth as a leader, but there is exponential upside. What are you waiting for? Kickstart your journey to becoming a transformational leader that draws out the best in others and inspires them to be extraordinary.

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Transformational Leadership eBook

Transformational Leadership: 11 Disciplines of Truly Powerful, Human-Centered Leaders That Draw Out The Best In Others.

Leadership is not about the next election, it's about the next generation.

Simon Sinek

I believe human-centered leaders hold the key to changing the world. I’m here to support you.

I envision a world where the majority of people feel inspired to go to work, where marriages and relationships flourish, and where remarkable people, like yourself, start living into their unique power to create meaningful change where it matters.

My name is Will Hernan and I believe authentic, human-centered leaders hold the key to creating this world through the impact and connections they make in the intimate settings of home and work. My mission is to encourage and build leaders who have the confidence to step into their unique power, lead authentically, and become transformational in their impact. I believe we will build stronger homes, more inspired workplaces, and a better world if we all made the choice to lead in this way.

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